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Allergy Cleaning Service LLC, Air Duct Cleaning, Las Vegas, NV

Get the Most For Your Money

You can pay a lot more for air duct cleaning in Las Vegas, but…why would you?

Allergy Cleaning Specialists will give you The Cleanest Air ducts in Las Vegas and Henderson at any price – Guaranteed!

First, we perform our 12 Point Video Airduct Cleaning Inspection. This will inform you if you even require Air Duct cleaning. We will check for proper filter fitting, we will check for leaks and blockages. We will also check for mold, mildew and any visual allergen triggers. This alone exceeds what most Las Vegas air duct cleaners do.

Second, we place dust covers over the vents to reduce dust blowing in your home. Our proprietary cleaning system ensures a “non-messy” process. There will not be dust flying all over your home and furnishing!  Other cleaning companies may skip this important process.


How do you know if your Las Vegas air duct cleaner has integrity?

He will not pressure you to use him, and he will guarantee his work!

We will give you a free, no-obligation, in-person quote. We will perform our 12 Point Air Duct Video Inspection and give you our recommendation, and tell you how much it will cost. If you do not want to have the work performed, We will cheerfully say goodbye without arguing.

If you do have the work performed, it will be guaranteed. We will show you before and after pictures. We believe in showing you everything that we see, instead of the “Just Trust Me” approach that other companies may employ.

If you are still not satisfied, we will refund the cost of those areas, up to the price of the entire job. You won’t have to jump through any hoops, or assert yourself, or stand your ground—you are the judge and we will cheerfully honor your judgment. we have never argued with a client.

The Flue Shot For Your Home…

Some of our regular Las Vegas customers have said getting their duct system sanitized is like getting a flue shot for their home. Although we would never make any health claims, we are not doctors. A few of our customers, that have us perform our monthly Allergen Treatment are reporting to us “fresher air” and “sleeping deeper at night”. These results are testimonials our company are proud to hear. We are always happy to help our clients.

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